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Yellow Nursery

Welcome to Yellow Nursery


We hope you enjoy finding out about learning and play in Yellow Nursery.

Please check the gallery section of our website to see photographs of our indoor and outdoor environments. 

Bear in square- playing with and exploring shapes all around us

Balancing and climbing and using notebooks to mark make

Cultural week- Pizza making and food tasting

Jaspers Beanstalk - Planting and growing

Chocolate mousse for a greedy goose

We have joined in the story using the animals.

We have been using tools- tweezers, basters, rolling pins, plastic knives, garlic presses, whisks, spoons and jugs

We have been practising jumping lifting both feet off the floor

We have been making different kinds of marks in paint, sand and with chalks

Food tasting! Chocolate mousse, carrots and peas

World Book Day 2024

Moving in different ways and jumping!

Learning linked to our core story 'Oh dear'

We enjoyed playing 'what's in the bag' to learn the names of the animals on the farm and the sounds that they make.

The children have enjoyed creating enclosures using blocks, fences and loose parts.

We have been noticing big and little things in our classroom. The children have enjoyed creating big marks with pencils and outside with paint!

The children have used playdough to make lots of cakes and lolly pops this week. We have been able to use the words big and small to describe these too. 

Exploring different types of dough using tools and our fingers

Making toast!

Outdoor learning

The children have been using their muscles to climb, throw and run this week. They have been eager to go and play outside. Gross motor play is so important for young children's development and so much fun too!

Christmas in the texture kitchen

The children enjoyed exploring oranges and lemon and mixed spice and warm water today. They had lots of fun squashing, squeezing, poking, pressing and pouring. 

We had a great time playing with our family members. Thank you for coming to join us building playdough snowmen, exploring sensory trays, mark making and sharing books. 

Our new texture kitchen

The children helped to mix the porridge oats and milk in the bowl. They choose which toppings they would like and used their fingers to sprinkle the ingredients. The children all had a taste and could tell the adults if they liked the taste of the porridge. 

Core Story - Goldilocks and the three bears

The children have been learning about themselves and others by naming their features and noticing the features -eyes, nose, mouth, hair and ears on the characters in our story. We have been practising using our fingers to pick up small items as we play and some children have worked hard to master using tweezers and tongs!

The children have also begun to explore sorting toys in different ways - this week by colour. 

Nursery rhyme week

We used toys and pictures as we sang our rhymes - wheels on the bus, hickory dickory dock, row row row your boat, head shoulders knees and toes and Jack and Jill

The children enjoyed retelling the story outside as we splashed in water, squelched in mud and walked over logs. Indoors the children used small bears and people as we recalled what happened in the story and repeated the words. We also used all of our senses indoors to explore different parts of the story - mud, water, grass. 

I like it when - our core story through play

Playing and exploring in Yellow Nursery

19th December 2023

Christmas Dinner 

Ellen made our Christmas dinner today.  Roast chicken with all the trimmings.  We wore party hats and Christmas glasses!