Bradley Nursery School

Growing and Learning Together

Our Ethos and Values

Growing and Learning together


Through working together with our families, we aim to support each unique child to develop a real and lasting love of learning   


We aim to ensure that all children feel secure and are comfortable to be themselves and to play, explore, learn, achieve and thrive alongside others.


We value and  celebrate the uniqueness of every child and understand that children have a range of interests, motivations, dispositions and life experiences. 


We understand that learning for our young children is holistic and  interconnected . It is playful, practical, open ended and fun . Our children are inspired by our learning environments both inside and out and are especially fascinated by the natural world. 

This approach to learning together enables us to ensure all children are able to be themselves but every child can shine - have fun and do their very best learning whilst at Nursery School.


Please see our Image of the Child and our Curriculum documentation for more information