Bradley Nursery School

Growing and Learning Together

Parent Workshops

Workshop 5 - Supporting Basic Phonics - 19th May 2022

Workshop 4 - Supporting Communication and Language - May 18th 2022

Children and Anxiety Workshop - May 11th, 6.00-8.00pm - Colne

Workshop 3 - Supporting your child's early Math's development

 10th February 2022

Thank you to the parents that attended this workshop. We talked about all the fun things you can do to help your child at this early stage of their maths journey. We thought about what Maths looks like in the early years, and shared some ideas of simple resources you can use to support your child at home. We then went outside with children to practice some of the new skills we talked about. Thank you to everyone for being so involved in supporting your children. You are amazing!

We are looking forward to seeing many more parents over the year when we hold more workshops at nursery.

Workshop 2 - Celebrating Outdoor Learning

16th & 18th November 2021

A huge thank you to all of the parents who attended our outdoor learning workshop. We began by talking about our principles for outdoor learning at Bradley Nursery School and what this looks like day to day for the children. It was great to have parents involved and asking questions. Then we went outside to look at the outdoor learning environment and talked about the many opportunities there are outside to learn new knowledge and skills linked to all areas of the curriculum. The children were very enthusiastic and keen to share lots of outdoor learning opportunities with their parents and carers. No one wanted to go home!

Workshop 1 - Sharing books and rhymes with your child

9th November 2021

Thank you to the parents that attended this first session.

We talked about all the wonderful things you can do to help your child at this early stage of their reading journey.  We looked at all the lovely books that make up our reading curriculum here at nursery.  I loved that all the parents were keen to share their experiences of sharing books with their children.

Our parents are amazing!  

We are looking forward to our next group and welcoming in lots more parents.