Bradley Nursery School

Growing and Learning Together

Green Nursery

Welcome to Green Nursery


In Green Nursery we want children make friends as they play and explore.  We want to share stories and teach them new songs.  We want to see them grow and develop.  Mostly, we want to give them lots of wonderful experiences that help them learn as they play and have fun!

Our Classroom Promises

In Green Nursery, we want to feel safe and learn

So we promise to...


Play with toys and friends

Walk inside and run outside

Tidy up and learn

Talk quietly

Be kind

Have fun

Show we are ready to learn - good sitting, good looking, good listening

Our Learning Environment


We  base our curriculum around core stories and rhymes. Developing a life long love of reading is crucial and as well as reading to the children during sessions, we have a range of books in all areas.  We love to see children in the cosy reading den revisiting their favourite stories over and over again.

We end every nursery session with a shared story.  The children and their key person share a range of fiction, non-fiction and rhyming stories, as well as singing nursery rhymes.  

Core story overviews are listed below. 

Please click on the word documents below to see how we use selected books to cover all areas of learning!

Our small world and construction area enables children to use their experiences, interests and imagination to recreate and make up their own stories.

As well as enhancing our environment with resources to develop core story learning, we also follow the interests of the children.

Our sound/music area enables children to explore their voice and explore sound in different ways.

Our paint mixing area enables children to explore colour and learn which colours go together to make others.  

13th May 2022

Watch this space...

Three days to go before our hen eggs hatch!

13th May 2022

More star readers

6th May 2022

Eid Party 

Today we celebrated Eid.  What a wonderful day.  The children engaged in four different activities:

1) Decorating a date in chocolate and sprinkles

2) Learning a song about Eid all over the world

3) Looking at precious artefacts linked to Eid and Ramadan

4) Pass the parcel

Adeela came to teach us how to do Bollywood dancing (see the video tab under the children section) 

We had the best day ever!


4th May 2022

Eid Fun

The children have been sharing their Eid experiences and have enjoyed learning more about Eid traditions in class today.

29th April 2022

Another Reading Star

26th April 2022

Stay and Play

It has been lovely to have some parents in for stay and play sessions this week. 

25th April 2022

Easter Egg Competition Winners

Kay and Sue judged the eggs. It was a very hard decision, the winning eggs In Green Nursery are...

25th April 2022

Allday's Farm


22nd April 2022

Attendance Awards

Well done to all the children who received attendance awards!

21st April 2022

Easter Egg Competition Entries

28th March 2022

Kirsty and baby Tommy came to visit

1st April 2022

More Star Readers

28th March 2022

Oral Hygiene Week

25th March 2022

More Reading Stars


18th March 2022

More Reading Stars

28th February  -  4th March 2022

World Book Week 2022

Have a look at all the amazing learning we have been doing linked to our core stories.  Our parent stay and read sessions are wonderful.  It is so lovely to have parents in reading to their child and enjoying sharing  their child's learning journey's.

Dress up Thursday

Wow! Amazing character costumes.  We had such a range, from plain and patterned clothes (like the characters in the story) 'My Mum and Dad Make me Laugh' to superheroes and princesses.  

We had a great time and we loved hearing the children talking together about 'Who they were dressed as'

Cinema Day - Bradley Cinema - Friday Matinee showing

The Gruffalo 

World Book Week - Core story link learning

Sharing favourite stories from home

11th February 2022

Happy Lunar New Year

Today, we celebrated Lunar New Year, we made dragon puppets, talked about fireworks and looked at the messages inside fortune cookies.  Some of the children wore red and Abdul-Basit wore his traditional clothes and his tiger mask, as it is the year of the Tiger!

11th February 2022

More Reading Stars!

4th February 2022

More Reading Stars

More and more children are developing their love of books.  Alicia, Melania and Abdul-Basit have all shared 50 books at home with their families.  

7th January 2022

Our reading star!

Fatima has developed a real love of books.  She has shared 100 books with her family.

Well Done Fatima!

Our first reading stars. Well Done!

6th January 2022

Our favourite core story


30 hour children drawing George 'The Smartest Giant in Town'

16th December 2021

Christmas Party Day!

10th December 2021

Christmas Dinner


10th December 2021

Christmas Story Characters 

We have been practising singing songs to retell the Christmas Story. 

The children wore their costumes with pride and we couldn't be prouder.


We can't wait till Tuesday to do the whole performance to share with you.

1st December 2021


Ernest the rather large moose is so large that he couldn't t fit inside the book.  His little friend chipmonk had a big idea.  They used sticky tape and paper and together they carefully crinkled, scrumpled and stuck.  They were busy for a very long time and they made a rather large book.



We challenged the children to practise their joining skills.  They had  to make a large paper that was large enough for the moose.  They kept on trying, even when the task was tricky!

They did it, well done!



18th November 2021

Our visit to Holy Saviours Church


This week is Inter Faith week.  We went to visit Holy Saviours Church and were greeted by Father Peter and his little dog Clara.  He showed the children the clothes he wears and the special cups that hold the water and bread.  They also looked at a Bible and Prayer book.  It was lovely to hear the children talk about the colours in the windows and we were so impressed with the questions they asked him.  

We were really proud of the children and Father Peter also said the children were well behaved, a credit to the school.



24th September 2021

Amelia's snail

Amelia brought a snail to nursery today.  We looked at the swirl on its shell and made a spiral out of string.  We talked about the spiral and thought we could try to create one using the string.

The children were so independent 'writing' their names, as well as learning a new painting technique 'string painting' 

16th July 2021

Party Day

We had a great day today! We enjoyed playing party games and had a picnic all together at the end of the session.

13th July 2021

Bug Detectives

After learning all about minibeasts, we were so excited to find lots of them in the nature area!

6th July 2021

Spiral Snail Shells


The snail has a shell on it's back!  

The children noticed the spiral on the shell and had a go at making their own spiral using string.  They had a go at drawing and cutting spirals too! 

5th July 2021

Come on England!

The children were all eager to talk about the England match over the weekend.


"I watched football, it's coming home!" (Zara)

"England won!" (Adam)

How many goals did they score? "4"

"I watch England, he headed the ball.  They scored 4 goals!" (Baqar)

"My daddy put football on for me  so I can watch  it.  My daddy sometimes goes football!" (Haajar)

17th June2021

Butterfly Wings

We looked at the symmetrical wings on the butterfly in our Bug Collector story.  Look at how amazing the children did making symmetrical wings.  We had a go at mark making symmetrical patterns too!

21st May 2021

We love books!

 Next week we are going to revisit the children's favourite stories.  The children used voting stones to choose their favourite.  Look what they chose...


12th May 2021

A Bridge for a Troll

The troll sent a letter to the children asking them to build him a new bridge as he had left his old bridge.  He did promise not to eat any more goats!

Have a look at the bridge ideas and the amazing bridges they made.  You can tell they used their own ideas.  Their problem solving skills, perseverance and determination was wonderful to see!

Maths Day 7th May 2021

Today we celebrated everything maths! 

The children took part in various challenges linked to the story

'How Many Legs' 

These challenges were...


Challenge 1 - Subitising

Challenge 2 - Pattern

Challenge 3 - Matching numerals to animals

Challenge 4 - Making marks to represent number

Challenge 5 - Shape animals


We ended the morning having snack in our key groups and we counted how many legs each group had!

What a wonderful time we had!



Pirate Play

30th April 2021                                               

After the children developed their own pirate game last week, a pirate interest basket was introduced.  Today they noticed a treasure map in the front of a book.  We used the internet to find some more maps and noticed they looked old and tatty. We used teabags to make the paper look old and the children carefully tore the edges (which took a lot of patience and determination).  They then created their own treasure maps!  There was lots of discussion about x marks the spot and they really thought about what was going to be on them.

The maps were all different and unique

Super treasure maps

This learning carried on all day, the children asked to find out more about pirates, they asked to look at books and they made their own hats and patches!

Bradley Cafe 


In the story 'Farmer Duck' the farmer eats chocolate all the time!  We discussed whether this is healthy and from those discussions the children decided to make food using open ended resources.  This then became a cafe.  They made a menu and spent the rest of the morning preparing food to serve.

16th April 2021

We thought about how the characters in the story 'Farmer Duck' might be feeling.  The poor duck felt sleep and weepy and tired! The children talked about their feelings.  This is what some of them said...