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Growing and Learning Together

Green Nursery

Welcome to Green Nursery


In Green Nursery we want children make friends as they play and explore.  We want to share stories and teach them new songs.  We want to see them grow and develop.  Mostly, we want to give them lots of wonderful experiences that help them learn as they play and have fun!

Our Class Promises (2022 - 2023)

In Green Nursery, we want to feel safe and learn through play

So we promise to...

Be calm and quiet inside

Walk inside

Talk quietly inside

Stop and listen when we hear, '123, everybody stop and look at me'

To do good sitting, good looking and good listening

To be kind friends and use kind hands

To help our friends when they feel sad or angry


Our Learning Environment


We  base our curriculum around core stories and rhymes. Developing a life long love of reading is crucial and as well as reading to the children during sessions, we have a range of books in all areas.  We love to see children in the cosy reading den revisiting their favourite stories over and over again.

We end every nursery session with a shared story.  The children and their key person share a range of fiction, non-fiction and rhyming stories, as well as singing nursery rhymes.  

Core story overviews are listed below. 

Please click on the word documents below to see how we use selected books to cover all areas of learning!

Our small world and construction area enables children to use their experiences, interests and imagination to recreate and make up their own stories.

As well as enhancing our environment with resources to develop core story learning, we also follow the interests of the children.

Our sound/music area enables children to explore their voice and explore sound in different ways.

Our paint mixing area enables children to explore colour and learn which colours go together to make others.  

6th July 2023

Releasing the butterflies!

Wow! What an amazing experience for the children.  They have seen the caterpillars grow and change and have waited ever so patiently for the butterflies to emerge out of the chrysalis'

At last, they 'pushed their way out and they were beautiful butterflies'

The time came to release them...

28th June 2023

Story, Rhyme, hobbies and Craft

Another wonderful day...

The children listened to Incy Wincy Spider in both Romanian and Polish and they did card craft with Cheryl.  Tracy's mum showed the children how to knit, and her dad planted some seeds (peas, dwarf beans, radish and lettuce)

At the end of the day, they had a story told by Matei's dad and Tracy in the morning, and Cezar's mum and Tracy in the afternoon.  Farmer Duck in English and Romanian.


27th June 2023

Food Tuesday

Today the children were lucky enough to taste Polish and Pakistani food in the morning.  The food was delicious and it was absolutely lovely to have both mums and dad in class too!

In the afternoon, the children had more Pakistani food. They loved it. 

Thank you again to tall the parents who contributed today.  It was a wonderful experience for everyone!


afternoon children

26th June 2023

Cultural Dance and Dress

We have had a wonderful day.  Celebration traditional clothes, dancing and artefacts.

IN the morning, Sheereen did some Arabic dancing, Zaynab's mummy brought artefacts for us to explore and we danced to 'backyard' songs from around the world.

Look at all our outfits, everyone looked amazing!

In the afternoon, the children saw Sheereen dance and Abdouliy and Juldeh's mummy came in traditional dress from Gambia. Wow! what an amazing outfit.

Thank you to all the parents who came today.  You made our day really special! 



23rd June 2023

African Drumming and Dancing

What a fabulous day we have had!   We had a visit from Gasper Sweetie from Ivory Coast, Africa. 

Drumming, dancing, chanting...

Gasper cha cha cha, Gasper cha cha cha

1,2,3,4 Africa!!

afternoon children

21st June 2023

The Bug Collector

Our new core story is all about different types of bugs.  We have caterpillars at nursery that will enable the children to experience the life cycle of a butterfly, first hand.


9th June 2023

More Star Readers


26th May 2023

More Star Readers

19th May 2023

More Star Readers!

10th May 2023

Coronation Party Day

What a wonderful morning.  A red, white and blue kind of day.  The children absolutely loved being King Charles or Queen Camilla, on the thrones in class.  They had lots of lovely learning based around King Charles' Coronation. We watched some clips from the actual coronation and shared a special snack together.

We were amazed by the crowns you made at home with the children.  They were proud to wear them and let us all see the hard work that went into creating them.

3rd May 2023

Allday's Farm

The children have absolutely loved their farm experience.  They got to meet lots of animals and even a reptile (corn snake)

It was amazing to see them make connections with the learning we did based on our core story 'Dora's Chicks'

as well as meeting new animals too!

28th April 2023

Celebrating Achievement

We had a real celebration of achievement this morning.  

Attendance, Star readers and our Egg Competition, entries and winners.  Pictures below.  The children who have attended over 95% also got a prize, their photo will be available on Tuesday.

Egg entries am

Egg entries pm

attendance am

attendance pm

star readers am

Star readers pm

25th April 2023

Stay and Play

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to stay and play today.  It was wonderful to see so many of you in class, sharing learning with your children.

24th April 2023

Eid Party Day

Today we had or Eid party.  The children had a lovely snack together, they learned about artefacts linked to Eid, they did ring games and played Eid Bingo.

We are really enjoying hearing all about your Eid celebrations too.


Experiencing our baby chicks!

All the children have seen the chicks, some of the children chose to hold the chicks.  It was a wonderful experience for them. 

They have watched the whole process of them in the incubator, hatching and then seeing them grow and change over the last week.

Sadly, they are going back to the farm where they came from.  We will keep you updated with pictures of them in their new home.

24th March 2023

Reading Competition Entries

Well done to everyone who entered.  It was lovely to see you all reading in different places.  Everyone got a prize.  Our overall winners received book vouchers and the other children received a book mark.

17th March 2023

More Star Readers


3rd March 2023

Our Favourite Core Story!


After revisiting our core stories, the children really have developed their favourite.  They all chose with confidence the story they they like the most!


I think it is safe to say, we are fostering a love of reading!

3rd March 2023

More Star Readers


3rd March 2023

Cinema Day

What a treat, cinema day, with popcorn.

We watched one of our core stories


2nd March 2023

World Book Day

We had a fabulous day, the children who dressed up looked amazing. 

All the children enjoyed activities linked to our core stories.

1st March 2023

Another fabulous Stay and Read 

Thank you once again to all the parents and aunties who came to stay and read with the children today.

It has been wonderful to have our classroom filled with family members sharing books.  The children have absolutely loved it and I am sure will treasure that special time forever!

28th February 2023

Stay and Read

Thank you to all the parents who were able to stay and read today. 

It was wonderful to see you all sharing books.

22nd February 2023

Jane's Chickens

Jane brought two of her chickens from home for the children to see.  Big Ang and Maya.

The children absolutely loved this experience and were able to recall and see for real, all the facts they have been learning this week.

21st February 2023

Dora's Chicks

We have started learning about the characters from our new core story, 'Dora's Chicks'

The children learnt facts about a chicken, as Dora is a chicken, she has six chicks.


We made a chicken house in nursery, can you see Dora's chicks?

The farmer also came to feed corn to the chicks.  What a busy morning, with lots of noisy chicks.

10th February 2023

More Reading Stars...

20th January 2023

Attendance Award

Musa got his Autumn term attendance award today.  Well done Musa!

20th January 2023

More Star Readers

16th December 2022

Attendance Awards

Today the children received their attendance awards! Well done to you all!

15th December 2022

Christmas Party Day

Today the children had their Christmas party.  They played pass the parcel, musical bumps  and pin the nose on the reindeer.  They also made their own plate of party food, which they really enjoyed.

They had a special visitor 'Santa' who brought all the children a gift  (a book for them to treasure)  They had thought of some questions to ask him too...

Where do you live? & Where are your reindeer?

They found out that reindeer like to eat carrots and that it is very cold in the North Pole.

What a fabulous day!


14th December 2022

Cinema Day

The children enjoyed watching Stickman today! 

Afternoon Children

12th December 2022

Christmas Dinner

Today we had our special Christmas Dinner.  It was delicious! Thank you Ellen!

5th & 6th December 2022

Stay and Play

We had our Stay and Play sessions this week.  It was lovely to have so many families engaging with their children!

There was lots of activities available both inside and out...


2nd December 2022

More Star Readers

Diana and Yusuf have been sharing books with their families. 

Diana has shared 100 and Yusuf has shared 50. 

Super reading stars!

18th November 2022

100 Books!

Cezar has shared 100 books with his family.  What an achievement!


11th November 2022

Another Star Reader!

14th October 2022

Our first star readers!

Wow! Noor and Muhammad have both shared 50 books already! What a good start.

21st September 2022

Signs of Autumn

Today the children noticed apples on floor in the outdoor classroom.  We questioned where the apples came from and realised they had fallen from the tree.  This generated a discussion about a pear tree close by and the children noticed a pear that was a different shape to the others.

We took the apples inside and looked at the shape and colour and decided to look inside as one was a little bit 'squashy'

"Where did the apples come from?"

"Why is the apple brown inside?"

We talked about making pictures of the apples and I showed them how to print using half of the apple.

They spent a long time exploring the colours change, they realised if they mixed the paint together it changed.  They found out if they put the apple on the paper and didn't move it, it left a print of the apple shape!  Some of them used the paint to make handprints too!

Wonderful learning!



21st July 2022

More Reading Stars

Well done to all our children for developing a love of books over the year.  We hope they continue to enjoy books and become life long readers!

15th July 2022

Star Reader Awards

Two of our children received a special award for sharing over 150 books.

We are extremely proud of our 'book worms' they just love to read! 

15th July 2022

Presentation Day 2022

Today, the children were presented with their Learning Journeys.  To take home and hopefully treasure forever.

11th July 2022

Learning about the effects of litter

Today, the children had a visit from Pendle Council Enforcement Team.  They explained how important it is to put litter in the bin.  The children went on a litter hunt around the playground and filled a recycling bin.  

We will continue this learning at nursery, and hope you do that at home too!

8th July 2022

Sports Activity Day (morning and afternoon)

What a wonderful day.  Enjoyed by all!

Thank you to all the parents that came to support the children.  The children loved their medals, they are all superstars and all winners!

7th July 2022

The life cycle of a butterfly!


The children have learned about the life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly.

first - egg

next - caterpillar

after that - chrysalis

finally - butterfly


The children observed the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger.  They turned into chrysalis' and then changed into a butterfly.


The children released the butterflies  today.  What an amazing experience!



24th June 2022

Another star reader!

10th June 2022

More star readers

7th - 10th June 2022

Jubilee Celebrations

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee we learnt lots of interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

She has been Queen for 70 years

She wears a crown (and necklaces)

She lives in Buckingham Palace

She has a special throne

She has a wand (we did a little bit of research and found out the wand has another special name called a sceptre)

The children noticed on pictures that she wears white gloves (we did a little bit more research and found out that she wears gloves as she shakes hands with lots of people and the gloves stop the spread of germs)

They also noticed that she has white hair, which led onto a real in depth conversation about how our body changes as we grow older.

We also practised waving like the Queen!

The children were really keen to see pictures of the Queen, especially pictures of her as a child.

They were truly fascinated by the start of the celebrations, where she shared a moment with Paddington bear and she put her marmalade sandwich in her handbag.

So on Friday, we will be having marmalade sandwiches for snack.

Our teddy bears picnic was wonderful.  The children brought their own teddies and wrote their own name labels. It was amazing to see the effort from all our families that sent the children dressed in red, white or blue.

Our Jubilee celebration was a very special time that hopefully the children will always recall with fond memories.


20th May 2022

100 Books!

Melania loves to share books with her family.  She has shared 100, amazing!

20th May 2022

More Star Readers

13th May 2022

Watch this space...

Three days to go before our hen eggs hatch!

13th May 2022

More star readers

6th May 2022

Eid Party 

Today we celebrated Eid.  What a wonderful day.  The children engaged in four different activities:

1) Decorating a date in chocolate and sprinkles

2) Learning a song about Eid all over the world

3) Looking at precious artefacts linked to Eid and Ramadan

4) Pass the parcel

Adeela came to teach us how to do Bollywood dancing (see the video tab under the children section) 

We had the best day ever!


4th May 2022

Eid Fun

The children have been sharing their Eid experiences and have enjoyed learning more about Eid traditions in class today.

29th April 2022

Another Reading Star

26th April 2022

Stay and Play

It has been lovely to have some parents in for stay and play sessions this week. 

25th April 2022

Easter Egg Competition Winners

Kay and Sue judged the eggs. It was a very hard decision, the winning eggs In Green Nursery are...

25th April 2022

Allday's Farm


22nd April 2022

Attendance Awards

Well done to all the children who received attendance awards!

21st April 2022

Easter Egg Competition Entries