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Growing and Learning Together

Green Nursery

Welcome to Green Nursery


In Green Nursery we want to help children make friends as they play and explore.  We want to share stories and teach them new songs.  We want to see them grow and develop.  Mostly, we want to give them lots of wonderful experiences that help them learn as they play and have fun!

Our Learning Environment


Developing a life long love of reading is vitally important,  we have a range of books in all areas of our learning environments, as well as our cosy reading den.  We love seeing how children revisit their favourite stories over and over again.

Our small world and construction area enables children to use their experiences, interests and imagination to recreate and make up their own stories.

The children's interest in pirates is growing every day!

Our sound/music area enables children to explore their voice and explore sound in different ways.

Our paint mixing area enables children to explore colour and learn which colours go together to make others.  

Our Visual Timetable

Our routine is one of the most important aspects of our day.  It enables children to feel settled and learn to understand what comes next.

Our Classroom Promises

In Green Nursery, we want to feel safe and learn

So we promise to...


Have fun

Play with our friends

Use our own ideas

Be kind friends

Walk inside

Talk quietly

Listen with our ears

Tidy up for group and story time

 Green Nursery Learning

We base our learning on core stories,  please click on the links below to take you to the core story planning.

12th May 2021

A Bridge for a Troll

The troll sent a letter to the children asking them to build him a new bridge as he had left his old bridge.  He did promise not to eat any more goats!

Have a look at the bridge ideas and the amazing bridges they made.  You can tell they used their own ideas.  Their problem solving skills, perseverance and determination was wonderful to see!

Maths Day 7th May 2021

Today we celebrated everything maths! 

The children took part in various challenges linked to the story

'How Many Legs' 

These challenges were...


Challenge 1 - Subitising

Challenge 2 - Pattern

Challenge 3 - Matching numerals to animals

Challenge 4 - Making marks to represent number

Challenge 5 - Shape animals


We ended the morning having snack in our key groups and we counted how many legs each group had!

What a wonderful time we had!



Pirate Play

30th April 2021                                               

After the children developed their own pirate game last week, a pirate interest basket was introduced.  Today they noticed a treasure map in the front of a book.  We used the internet to find some more maps and noticed they looked old and tatty. We used teabags to make the paper look old and the children carefully tore the edges (which took a lot of patience and determination).  They then created their own treasure maps!  There was lots of discussion about x marks the spot and they really thought about what was going to be on them.

The maps were all different and unique

Super treasure maps

This learning carried on all day, the children asked to find out more about pirates, they asked to look at books and they made their own hats and patches!

Bradley Cafe 


In the story 'Farmer Duck' the farmer eats chocolate all the time!  We discussed whether this is healthy and from those discussions the children decided to make food using open ended resources.  This then became a cafe.  They made a menu and spent the rest of the morning preparing food to serve.

16th April 2021

We thought about how the characters in the story 'Farmer Duck' might be feeling.  The poor duck felt sleep and weepy and tired! The children talked about their feelings.  This is what some of them said...