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Blue Nursery

Welcome to Blue Nursery classroom


We wanted to have lots of fun whilst at nursery but also keeping safe. We thought of some class promises that we all agreed to follow so that we could be safe and happy, allowing us to achieve our very best everyday.


Blue Nursery Class Promises

Be nice and kind to everyone

Walk inside

Try our best

Share and take turns with our toys

Play carefully and tidy away our toys to keep them safe

Have fun!

Our Learning Environment

Music Area

Reading Den

Home Area

Fine Motor Area

Enhancements and Interests

Open ended Resources and Small World Play

P.m. Presentation day

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Presentation Day 2023 p.m. and 30hrs children

Friday 7th July 2023

100 Books!


Well done to our Star Reader Esa Ali for reaching 100 books:).


Thursday 6th July 2023

50 Books Star Readers


Well done to Aliza Khwaja, Ariana Cioca, Annie Grogan, Hiba Fatima and Amina Afraz.

50 Book Star Readers!

Thursday 6th July 2023


100 Book Star Readers!

Well done to Hussain Yaqoob, Rohaan Ahmed, Mohammed Altamash Ayub, Raja Muhammed Ja'far, Syed Muhammed Murthaza, Karamat Ali and Ayat Mubashar.

100 Book Star Readers!

Thursday 18th May 2023

Well done to our Star Readers!


50 books- Willow Nation, Ayesha Awais, Ismail Yousaf, Aadam Ibrar and Tahira Abbas

100 books- Eshaal Taufiq and Abdullah Bilal

150 books- Sara Hussain

Thursday 18th May 2023

Congratulations to our a.m and p.m Egg Competition winners Mohammed Azaan and Haniya Khalid!!!

Thursday 18th May 2023

The King's Coronation


What a lovely Coronation celebration we had. King Charles and Queen Camilla would have loved to be a part of it!smiley

Friday 28th April 2023

Eid Mubaraklaughheart!!!

Friday 28th April 2023 

Our Star Readers Domminic Luta and Ahmad Awais

Friday 28th April 2023

Prize winners for attendance p.m. Blue Nursery

Friday 28th April 2023

Blue Nursery p.m. attendance certificate awarded

Friday 28th April 2023

Am Blue Nursery over 95% attendance prize winners!

Friday 28th April 2023

Excellent attendance certificate awarded to Am Blue Nursery children

20th April 2023

150 books Star Readers

Well done we are proud of you!

20th April 2023

100 book Star Reader

Well done to Huzaifa Adalat for reaching 100 books.

20th April 2023

50 books Star Readers

Well done to our 50 books Star Readers

10th March 2023

Star Readers

Well done to our Star Readers Aayat Mubasher, Mehrab Malik, Daniyal Sharif Dad and Esa Ali. Keep readingyes

2nd March 2023

Stay and Read

Blue Nursery had a spectacular turnout for the Stay and Read, as part of storytelling week. The children were so much more motivated to read/share a story after this sessionlaugh.

3rd March 2023

Cinema experience

Blue nursery, as part of National Storytelling week, loved having their cinema experience watching Stickman! We all got cosy with our cushions, lights off as well as popcorn to go all roundwink

2nd March 2023

World Book Day

The children took part in dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day. A very magical day.


2nd March 2023

More Star Readers

Well done to Ja'far Raja, Hussain Yaqoob, Azaan Arif and Maja Potega for reaching 50 books!


23rd February 2023

Another Star Reader

22nd February 2023

Chick Chick Chicken!

After meeting the chickens the children were excited to role play in the hen house...

22nd February 2023

Ang and Maya Chicken Visit

Jane brought her chickens from home for the children to meet.  They loved this experience and were able to talk about what they could see and make links with the learning they have been doing in class. 

20th January 2023

More Star Readers

16th December 2022

Attendance Awards

Today the children received their attendance awards! Well done to you all!

15th December 2022

Christmas Party


Today we celebrated our Christmas party altogether. The children took part in lots of party games and practiced taking turns. We enjoyed eating party food during snack time and even had a special visit from Santa Claus. He brought special presents for all the children! Happy reading.

12th December 2022

Christmas Dinner

Today we had our Christmas dinner.  It was delicious! thank you Ellen.

6th & 7th December 2022

Stay and Play 

(December 2022)


We have started our stay and play sessions.  We have had lots of fun having parents in engaging with their children's learning!

Sarah, Sughra and Farzana's group

Wednesday 7th December (Sarah, Sughra and Farzana's group)

Rex's Specs....are big and round and red.

We have looked at the work of Kandinsky and his circle art and created our own pictures in the same style

Our first reader of 50 books. Well done Sara!

Year 2022- 2023

100 books!

What an achievement

These children have a real love of reading, they have read over 100 books this year at home with their families.

Sports Activities - Friday 8th July 2022

Today we have all been winners! What a wonderful Sports Activities day we have had.

The children have been practising all week for the different games they have taken part in and I think you will all agree that they were absolutely fantastic.

Thank you to everyone for supporting and coming to watch.

A poem about a caterpillar

Butterfly Inside!

Have a look in the video section of our website to see the children perform the poem for you all.

Using Technology to draw bees

If Only..... 

Our new core story

A Teddy bears picnic fit for a Queen...

On Wednesday 8th June we celebrated the Queens Jubilee. We all brought our teddies to nursery and dressed in red, white and blue clothes. What a lovely day we had...

AM Photos

PM Photos

Practising Numbers!

Eesa has been super busy over the holidays, he has been practising writing his numbers that we have just learnt in class. He has also been counting sweets to match the numerals. Well done Eesa....


The children have had the chance to stroke and hold the chicks this week. They have been so careful and sensible, taking turns and waiting patiently. Well done everybody!


Eid Party

6th May 2022

Alldays Farm Visit

26th April 2022

Attendance Awards

Well done to those who were awarded attendance certificates

...and the winners are....

Our egg competition winners as picked by Kay and Susan

Easter Egg competition entries

Well Done to everyone who entered

Oral Hygiene Week

We have had lots of fun but also learnt lots of important messages about looking after our teeth this week.

Here are just a few photos of all the wonderful learning we have done

More Reading stars

These children have all read 50 books. What a fantastic achievement. Well done!


We have had a super week celebrating World Book Week. We have really enjoyed having our families in to share stories with us. 

Our Children sharing stories with their parents

Some children brought in their favourite books to read.

These are our favourite stories

Arfa built a TALL tower

Arfa built a tall tower but she wanted it even taller, she said she needed some steps to get up higher. Safely she built her tower even TALLER!!

WOW! Reading Stars!

The Gruffalo

Draw something that makes you happy....



This week we were thinking about the shapes of things in the story. The Gruffalo's purple prickles were triangle shaped, his orange eyes were round circles..... we have been looking at shape and exploring the different properties of them....

Daisy Eat your Peas!

We have been learning lots from our new core story.

We have learnt a new poem called.....'I Like....'

Watch the clip of the children performing it below

I Like PM children

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I like...

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The Christmas Story

Christmas Dinner

Friday 3rd December 2021

Today we were thinking about all the people who help us in an emergency. We wore red, green, blue and orange clothes to nursery and brought in £1.00 to help raise money for a special cenotaph that will be built in London.

The children talked about when we might need help and really enjoyed using the bandages to look after each other and make them feel better.

What wonderful Doctors and Nurses we have!

THANK YOU Father Peter from Holy Saviours

from all your friends at Bradley Nursery School

Safa made a lovely picture of Father Peter to put on the front of a card we had made. We recalled lots of facts about our visit to the Church too. Nicola will post the Thank you card tonight so that Father Peter gets it soon.


Inter Faith Week - 14th - 21st November - Holy Saviours Church visit

Today we went to visit a Catholic Church. We walked up the hill with our teachers very sensibly.

Inside the Church Father Peter talked to us about what happens in a Church and showed us lots of things.

Father Peter was so pleased at how well behaved we all were and thanked us all for coming and being amazing.



Inter Faith Week visit to Holy Saviours Church

Medium Term Plan Autumn 2

Medium term plan Autumn 1

September 2021

Bollywood Dancing

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A fabulous day of dancing!


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Still image for this video

Our newest Core Story - you will see so much fantastic learning from this amazing story!

Samir celebrating his Level 1 swimming award

A very special time for Samir. What an achievement, celebrating his Level 1 swimming award at the weekend. He is clearly very proud of himself and so he should be, just amazing, Well Done Samir!

Our newest Star Reader

Qasim is our latest star reader. He has read a whopping 50 books. Well Done Qasim!

Time at home

It is always lovely to hear what the children get up to when they are not at nursery. This week Faith's mummy sent me some photos of Faith building with her bricks. She made an amazing model of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and was able to retell the story to her mum! Well dome Faith!Faith following instructions to build models 

If you have any pictures of things that your children do at weekends please send them to me at

We recently celebrated our first star reader in Blue Nursery. Ayaan has brought his library book to school everyday, he loves reading books with his mum at home and has read over 50 books. Ayaan was the first child in nursery to receive his gift of a lovely book to keep at home. Who will be next in nursery to read so many books? Well done Ayaan.

Eid is on its way!

The children have really enjoyed trying on the Eid clothes today. Many are talking about their new Eid clothes at home. Look at these stars dancing too...

Getting ready for Eid

Eid Dancing

Still image for this video

Dancing for Eid

Still image for this video


Faith and Tigger

Faith had so much to tell us about her cat Tigger this week. She worked with Anniqa to search for a photo of a cat that looked like Tigger. She then went on to paint a special picture , carefully mixing the paint colours to make sure it was a perfect representation.


You have such a wonderful Imagination Faith and such creative talents. 




Tigger the cat

Maths Day 7th May 2021

Today we celebrated everything Maths. The children took part in various activities linked to the story, 'How Many Legs' 

These activities were

  • Activity 1 - Subitising
  • Activity 2 - Pattern
  • Activity 3 - Matching numerals to numbers of animals
  • Activity 4 - Ordering by size
  • Activity 5 - Making animals using transient art

We started our morning by counting 'How Many Legs' in our group and then moved on to our activities. what a wonderful time we had. 


30 hour group become Authors

Our 30 hour group read a book all about numbers and decided they could do a far better job of being Authors. I think you will agree that their collective book is amazing

The children took pictures of objects around the room counting them, from 1 to 10, they then wrote numerals to match the objects. They then worked together to make the book, laminating and binding it. The children in nursery really enjoy looking at this book.