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Growing and Learning Together

Yellow Nursery

Welcome to Yellow Nursery.


In yellow nursery we have lots of fun learning through play! We focus on developing children's early language and play skills and supporting them as they begin to form relationships with the children and adults in nursery too.

We love to work together with our children's parents and carers to help every child settle into yellow nursery life, have fun and begin their exciting learning journey at Bradley Nursery School. Please feel free to come and talk to staff members!

Our Learning Environment 

Our home corner in yellow nursery provides the children with lots of opportunities to engage in imaginative play based on their every day experiences of home. The children enjoy cooking, feeding baby, talking on the phone and dressing up in different types of clothing.

Exploring books together is always a special time in Yellow Nursery. We encourage the children to explore books independently turning the pages and lifting the flaps. Sharing books together gives the children lots of lovely opportunities to build their understanding of words and learn how to use new words.


We have lots of space in our construction and small world area to make train tracks, build towers and take our vehicles on adventures.




Our music area enables the children to explore the sounds that they can make with a range of household items and instruments. We also enjoy learning to join in with and sing our favourite rhymes together. 



In our investigation area we explore shape and space. We have lots of opportunities to find out how things work and use our own ideas. 



Water play is a favourite area for lots of our children in nursery. We learn about the volume of containers as we fill and empty containers using scoops, jugs and bottles. We explore how things work as we use tools such as spoons, whisks and basters. 



In our workshop area the children enjoy mark making with a range of media. We practise forming different types of marks- circles, wiggles, spots and lines. The children begin to learn how to connect materials by sticking with different types of glue and explore how to use tools like scissors to make snips in paper.



In our malleable tray we take part in lots of fun exploration that will help to support the development of the children's hand and finger muscles. We love to explore playdough, shaving foam and cornflour slime!


We love to learn outside too!

See our outdoor environment under the Outdoor classrooms tab.

Yellow Nursery Core Story Learning

In Yellow Nursery we plan from children's interests to ensure learning is relevant and exciting. We also use some of our favourite core stories to teach children new vocabulary and widen their experiences. Please see the documents below which show some learning links to each of our core story sets.

16th December 2022


Attendance Awards

Today the children received their attendance awards! Well done to you all!

We're going on a treasure hunt

Sports activity days

Cultural week- Our special clothes

African Drumming with Gaspar.

Smoothie Making

Jasper's Beanstalk and growing

World Book Day - dressing up and sharing favourite stories

Stay and Read Parents session

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

We had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We read books about celebrations, looked at the Queen in newspapers and watched videos of the celebrations in London. The children learnt new words 'Queen, party, London and Palace'. We enjoyed our special Jubilee teddy bears picnic and the children looked fantastic wearing red, white and blue!


The children have been really interested in our core story 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. We grew our own bean plants and potatoes and sunflowers too. The children watched carefully and watered our plants to help them grow. Ismael could tell me the sun would help it to grow and Willow predicted how big our plants would get saying "I think it will just get bigger and bigger". 

Farm Visit

We had so much fun meeting the animals yesterday. We brushed the pony and stroked a guinea pig, rabbit, rooster, sheep and goats! We copied the sounds that the animals made and found out about what they like to eat and where they live on the farm.

Excellent Attendance!

Yellow Party Day - we had so much fun! Have a lovely summer holiday!

Bolywood Dancing! We had some much fun when Dee came to visit. We watched, listened and tried hard to join in.

Maths Day 7th May 2021

Today we took part in a whole school Maths Day, where we joined in with many activities related to Maths and our story One mole digging a hole.

The children loved playing hide and seek searching for carrots. When we found the carrots we counted how many we had and we talked about who had the most.

We also dug holes like mole and used the soil to fill big and small plant pots. We counted how many spades of soil we put into the pots. We talked about if our pots were full or not. Some of our pots became very heavy so we were able to use even more maths words as we played.

The children also enjoyed making lots of patterns in paint using forks like the stork with the forks in the story. We made round shapes, spots, stripes and lines.

The children were very good at filling boxes like the foxes in our story - we filled big and small boxes with lots of different toys.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs from our fun filled maths day. 


Digging one hole like mole