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Welcome to Yellow Nursery learning. 

These are the books we will be focusing on this term, please click on the links below the books to take you to the core story planning.

Maths Day 7th May 2021

Today we took part in a whole school Maths Day, where we joined in with many activities related to Maths and our story One mole digging a hole.

The children loved playing hide and seek searching for carrots. When we found the carrots we counted how many we had and we talked about who had the most.

We also dug holes like mole and used the soil to fill big and small plant pots. We counted how many spades of soil we put into the pots. We talked about if our pots were full or not. Some of our pots became very heavy so we were able to use even more maths words as we played.

The children also enjoyed making lots of patterns in paint using forks like the stork with the forks in the story. We made round shapes, spots, stripes and lines.

The children were very good at filling boxes like the foxes in our story - we filled big and small boxes with lots of different toys.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs from our fun filled maths day. 


Digging one hole like mole