Bradley Nursery School

Bradley Road East, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7QH

01282 615183

Lunch Menus

This is a sample lunch menu.  All meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen, and are adaptable to suit children's individual dietary needs.



Butternut squash + veg lasagne with garlic bread              

Mixed berry yoghurt


Home made fish pie with peas and sweetcorn

Jam sponge   and custard


Lamb and veg stew with dumplings

Summer fruits + ice-cream


Chilli and rice

Chocolate Muffins


Chicken and vegetable stir fry served with


Rice pudding

Morning and afternoon snacks comprise of a healthy fruit platter with milk or water to drink.

The light afternoon tea is varied and a few examples are;  Sandwiches/rolls or wraps with a selection of fillings, home made quiches, or toasted muffins with selction of toppings.

Fresh water is available for the children at all times within the nursery.